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Ringleaders is a faith-based organization and mentoring ministry that was created to help develop core values and principles for solid character building through the sport of boxing. A developed core is essential to conquering life’s many challenges our youth will face. Having a strong core gives you the inner strength to endure and navigate through life with confidence.


Our diverse and devoted professional team will motivate and push the kids physically through our rigorous training program before proceeding to the ring. Boxing is one component of Ringleaders, as exercise builds your muscles, we also want to instill spiritual kingdom principles that go beyond the ring of competition. Passion, drive, and determination Ringleaders are Legacy builders; we build from the inside out. Responsibility, Integrity, Nobility, and Good Stewardship are the essences of what a True Ringleader is.​

“Nothing brings people together like a great song. The artful vibe, the rhythmic melody, and the pulse of innovation in every movement of your body. The cadence tune places you in a multidimensional mind state of confidence that has you defying the laws of gravity with skillful and polished moves that will awe any spectator. That same balanced mental focus you maintain on the dance floor is used in the boxing ring when facing an opponent. “ – Mark Owens

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead, guide, and positively impact the youth by providing them with core values and discipline that will help them grow into True Ringleaders of our community.


Our Values

R - Responsibility
I - Integrity
N - Noble Character
G - Good Stewardship

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